A List of the Most Influential Online Casino Companies

Gambling is one of the leading powerhouse industries in the world. The internet is an inexhaustible fountain of information and traffic, and it’s only logical that when the two are put together, a match made in heaven is formed. Nowadays, esteemed casino operators are offering numerous bonuses and promotions to attract new players. For example, let’s take the advantages at Virgin Casino. They offer a lot of benefits for new players to maintain a competitive edge, and other online casino operators do it as well.

The evolution of online gambling has been both exciting and competitive, but after all the scrambling for the top spot, only a few have managed to make the climb and become the leading online casino companies. Let’s take a look at some of the household names that changed the way people gamble online.  

888 Casino

888 Casino was introduced to the gambling world more than two decades ago when the dot-com bubble was just starting to take shape in the States. The casino giant remained as one of the premier casino operators on the web ever since. The main reason for their incredible success lies in the diversity of their games and promotions. Their customers can enjoy over 300 games, including table games, video slots, and real-time live casino.

Although the company has fallen from grace for a while, they managed to find their way back into the top 10, mostly due to the outstanding increase in revenue in recent years. Numbers never lie, and in this case, they say that according to the holdings, 888 Casino is regarded as a top 10 gambling company.  

William Hill

William Hill is still one of the online gambling juggernauts, despite its recent decline in holdings. Although the recent bottom line results for the business have been a bit disappointing, the casino operator is still managing to rule the gambling landscape. They’ve ascended close to top 100 websites in the UK and top 1,000 worldwide.

Fortunately for William Hill, it doesn’t have to do all the heavy lifting by itself as it has numerous subsidiaries to help it with the dirty work. Its subsidiaries, like Euro Grand, offer incredible one-of-a-kind promotions, lucrative welcome bonuses, and special promotions for their loyal VIP players. In addition, William Hill offers numerous fun games ranging from blackjack, roulette, and baccarat to video slots, and real-time casinos.

Regardless of the controversies around staff treatment in William Hill subsidiaries, the company employs over 16,000 people, and besides being the largest operator in the UK, it accounts for more than 25% of the local market.  

Ladbrokes Coral Group

Ladbrokes was a well-known household gambling brand even before it had purchased one of its rivals, the Gala Coral Group, back in 2016. With the merger, it has become one of the most influential online casino operators in the world. The Ladbrokes Casino is one of the leading in the UK as it offers the abundance of Playtech games. The online casino offers rewarding bonuses, a great program for VIP players, and a plethora of casino games to choose from.

If we take all factors into consideration – software design, player lures, accessibility, and game selection – it seems that only a handful of casinos could challenge the offerings of Ladbrokes Coral.

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The Development and Popularity of VR Casinos

With constant improvement in information technology, we got to the point where we can feel like we are someplace else. Virtual Reality is here and it is advancing at a fast pace. Tools are still being developed for it so people can truly make great VR experiences. The gambling industry is one of the leaders in the VR and they are looking to provide amazing entertainment for the people owning a VR headset. With improvement over the years, this will lead to the very amazing new casino games that will be like best VR casinos.

Online Gambling

Online gambling has started as soon as the internet was out in the wild. Online gambling has been growing at a steady pace since 1994, and new technologies have been adapted to bring it to as many players as possible. However, traditional casino players were not fans of the online casinos. They said it was far from the real visit to a casino. You couldn’t actually look around, online casinos looked just like badly made video games. Well, that’s what VR is about to change. Once you enter the VR casino, you can look around and move around, you can feel like you are actually sitting at the table with people walking around you. You can move your eyes in any direction you desire, instead of looking at the flat screen of your computer.

Welcome to the Age of VR

Many other industries have entered the VR race, but not many are able to make use of it like online casinos. Now, VR casinos can be exact copies of the real world casinos. The building layout, the lighting, people’s behaviour and many other details.

VR Controllers

VR controllers have changed from traditional video game controllers to better adjusted ones to be used in the VR environment. Such controllers are equipped with motion tracking, vibration and buttons who are strategically positioned so a human hand can reach them. Many controllers are in the shape of a handle. In the future we will see different shapes of controllers. I would say that at the end of this road will be a controller in the form of the glove with touch sensors. With this you would be able to reach out and touch and manipulate virtual objects in your hands just as you would in the real world.

VR casinos are here to stay. They are incredibly fun and they offer the experience you can’t otherwise have in an online casino. As VR gets adapted by more and more people, more players will be able to play and enjoy this new way of experiencing things. VR blurs the line in between the reality and the virtual world. The future is here and many people are looking to join the VR revolution. Among other VR headsets, the most popular ones are Oculus Rift, HTC Vive on the PC and on the mobile side there are Samsung Gear and countless Chinese copies of questionable quality. Most VR headsets of today use 1080p resolution per eye. But soon we will have quad HD as well as 4k resolution.

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Casino Games You can Make Most Money on

Gambling can be fun, but everyone mostly plays it to try out their luck in winning, am I right? Obviously. So what are those certain games that by playing will give you the most chances of getting lucky? Here we will discuss the best options you can choose from.


Known as one of the easiest and lucky games in the casinos, it’s no wonder why people love it so much. In the United States, it is by far the most loved out of all the table choices. Your chances are extra high because you will be against the dealer and not other people. So those times where you can be beat by other players who may have better odds than you will not be happening. However, don’t let any of this fool you. It’s still a huge risk no matter what you play.


Another great and famous casino game- the Roulette. But did you know that it can also be less difficult to win if you pay close attention? This is another fairly easy one and if you know what you’re doing, you can come out on top. Because you’re allowed to guess more than one number at a time, it is a good probability you will land on those desired numbers. To make it easier, you can choose a group of numbers for the ball to land on that can contain even 18 numbers. It doesn’t just end there though, the red and black colours can also become your next bet.


Even though craps might be a bit hard to get the hang of at first to new beginners, know that it’s a good game that you can easily adapt to. This one is about rolling the dice and deciding what is going to be a winner. If you put in a couple of well-played games, then you can get the base parts down and begin to know it a lot more.


Now here is an old one. Most famously known as the game played by James Bond, this game gets around the whole world and most people have played it at least once or twice sometime. It’s been in books and movies and its popularity only increases with each new viewing in a title. People like it because of how amazing it looks, however, it’s not wise to assume it is easy. You can’t rely on just your skills.

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Top Five Slot Games in July

It’s hard to choose between so many great online slots! That is why we created the top list of the best and most popular slots this July! Also, if you are looking for something new, awesome and different, check out the game of craps at crapsgeeks-no.com. Enjoy and good luck!

Beautiful Bones: inspired by the Day of the Dead and visually superb, this slot will make you feel like you are part of the Mexican celebration. The most interesting and unique feature of this slot is the Skull Scatter symbol. Any scatter on reels 1 or 5 will award a Sugar Skull for the Sugar Skull Meter. If you collect 10 sugar skulls you will be awarded 10 free spins with x3 multiplier. For 20 sugar skulls, you will get 15 spins with x4 multiplier, and for 30 sugar skulls, you will receive 18 free spins with x5 multiplier.

Fairytale Legends: Hansel & Gretel: This brand-new slot powered by NetEnt has 5 reels and 10 paylines. Its main advantages are the beautiful design, great sound effects and lots of bonuses. If three chests appear somewhere on the reels, you get to pick one of the three fun and rewarding bonus games! In addition, the game has 3 features which are activated randomly during the main game: Fairy Wonder Spin, Fairy Surprise and Fairy Wild Spin, offering plenty of winning combos!

Guns N Roses: perfect slot for all rock fans, who will get to enjoy the playlist of most popular Guns N’ Roses songs while spinning the reels! The entire slot is inspired by the legendary band, with Axl, Slash and Duff as the highest paying symbols. The slot has plenty of wild and bonus features as well, the best of which is the Appetite for Destruction Wild where cross-like wild lands on the reels. Powered by NetEnt it has 5 reels and 20 paylines and can be played from 20p to £100 a spin.

Spina Colada: 5 reel, 25 pay line slot powered by Yggdrasil. This is a gorgeously designed slot with a true summer theme. Frozen feature offers more chances for bigger wins. Your win will get frozen and you can re-spin as long as more of the same symbols land. In addition, you can benefit from the randomly awarded Feature Caps (2nd chance, full line, extra wilds, guaranteed win x3). Collect 4 of any feature caps to get 4 free spins. Spina Colada Wild substitutes any winning symbol and transforms into the frozen symbol. Spin those reels for some summer fun!

Mega Moolah: this colourful jungle-themed five-reel slot with 25 paylines is Microgaming’s most famous and highest-paying progressive slot. Known as “The Millionaire Maker” among online casino players, it is the slot of all slots with a jackpot minimum of 1 million. Mega Moolah has been going on for almost ten years now, but it is always at the top of popularity lists. A jackpot of 3.7 million Euros was won in May 2017 and the current jackpot is more than 1.8 million $ and growing!

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Best Online Casinos in 2017

Online casino gamesThe purpose of this article is to reveal the top online casinos this year. We’re calling them the best choices because of many reasons, detailed below. First of all, we focused on exclusive casinos, with brilliant welcome offers for new players. The games included also play a major role, along with the graphics.

Norges Spill Casino has very nice offers for the newly registered players. We need to mention that it’s an online casino exclusive to the Norwegian and Swedish players. That means that the rest of the world is excluded. They give 100% up to €250 upon registration. US dollars and GB pounds are accepted currencies. Gamblers who become VIP have a 10% bonus match on all their deposits. Their games library is rich with games like Blackjack, Roulette, as well as Baccarat, Pontoon, Craps, and many of their variations. Players will also be able to play Slots games and poker games. The players like it because it has an excellent games variety and they prove fairness and reliability. Customer support is also a big plus. With so many positives, they will hopefully expand to other countries as well in the future.

Guts Casino is among the most popular casinos at the moment. The reasons why gamblers go to Guts Casino are very well supported. The entertainment level is at it’s peak in this generous online casino, for real. They offer a wide variety of games counting 500+ games, their bonuses are very nice and they are excellent at customer service. The welcome bonus €300 and 100 free spins. The types of games players can find in the online casino are 3D slots, High Roller Slots, Roulette, Bingo, Keno, Baccarat and other very popular types of games and their variations. Definitely check if you live in an accepted country if you choose to give Guts Casino a try. Guts Casino has some nice promotions and bonuses to be checked out.

Betsafe Casino is very popular online casino and definitely one of the best. Being in the online environment for more than 10 years, Betsafe Casino has won its popularity and trust. The casino is available to the players worldwide, with a few exceptions: France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Turkey, US and Hong Kong. Now, the players who join in the enormous family of online gamblers can enjoy a huge bonus package consisting of €1000 and 60 Big Spins. US dollars and GB pounds are accepted currencies. All their games add up to 400+. The most popular casino games here are the Table Games, Video Slots, Classic Slots, Vegas Slots, High Roller Games and Slots, Roulette Games, Baccarat and many other games and their variations. Definitely check Betsafe Casino out.

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Online Casinos that Offer Free Spins

Free spins arunibet-logo6e the ultimate bonus for online casino players, as they give players the chance to play their favorite games online for free. While the games are free to enjoy, gamers are still give the chance to win fantastic prizes and bonuses along the way. A large number of online casinos offer players free spins on various games to keep them interested and coming back for more. Here are some of the online casinos that are best known for offering their players free spins.

Best Casino

Anyone who signs up to start playing in Best Casino will instantly be rewarded with twenty free spins in the very popular Starburst game. While this is great for new players, regular players do not have to miss out on the action, as they will also be treated to free spins when they log into the account. The site also features a special section where gamers can gain details of the latest free spin deals that are up for grabs and how to get them.

Lucky Pants Bingo

People who have a love for bingo as well as playing video slot machines can combine their passions in this innovative online casino. People who sign up to Lucky Pants Bingo are immediately given twenty free spins to use on the game of their choice, as well as a little cash to use. No deposit is necessary in order to join in the fun and players get to keep any winnings that they are lucky enough to score.


Free spin lovers will want to make sure that they log into their Unibet account after 20:00 on Fridays, as the first two hundred people to do this will be treated to five free spins each. These free spins can be used on the popular Starburst game and both desktop and mobile players are given access to this great offer.

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