Online Vs. Offline Bingo

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world and has been played in bingo halls in England for many generations. However, in recent years, online bingo has become increasingly popular and has introduced this fun game to a whole new generation of gamers. Read on to discover the benefits of the original bingo and the new online bingo and find out which type of bingo best suits your style.

Playing in Bingo Halls

The first bingo halls were opened in the UK back in the 1950s. Bingo nights were a popular way for people to get together and make new friends. One of the most eAR-303049999nticing things about these bingo games is that they would come with a caller, who would create special rhymes for the different numbers when they were picked. The popularity of bingo halls died down in the 80s and 90s and most were closed down in the United Kingdom to make way for cinemas and discos and other forms of entertainment. However, in recent years, bingo halls have been making a comeback and feature the latest technology, in an effort to making them appeal to younger people.

Playing in Online Bingo Casinos

One of the great things about online bingo is that games are available to play at any time of night and day, and gamers can play from the comfort of their own homes. Most online casinos offer a large selection of different casino gamers for players to take part in and the jackpots and other prizes that are waiting to be won are often very attractive. These games often boast colorful graphics and sound effects that appeal to younger players and the action is often much faster than in bingo halls. Another popular feature of these games is that players can select the background music that they wish to listen to while they play bingo online.

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The World’s Biggest Online Poker Tournaments

Poker players who have honed their skills and believe that they have what it takes to compete and, perhaps, even beat the best in the business are sure to love poker tournaments. These special tournaments are offered by a large number of online casinos and offer high stakes and jackpots for those who dare to be bold. People who are brave enough to take their chances should check out some of these vibrant online poker tournaments that are available for players to join.

The PokerStars Sunday Million

The PokerStars site organizes an impressive number of regular online poker tournaments that ent2015.03.22-sundaymillion-banner-thumb-450x241-255996ice some of the best poker players from all around the world. The Sunday Million poker tournament is arguably one of the most exciting of all, as it typically attracts as many as seven thousand poker players. As the name suggests, this tournament is held on Sundays and the prize pool is a cool million dollars, which is scooped up by one lucky player each week. The action is always fast paced in this tournament and the high stakes mean that all players are sure to bring their A game.

William Hill Poker Tournament

William Hill is a leading gambling website that offers the biggest and most vibrant selection of online poker tournaments around. There are lots of different styles of poker games for players to choose from here, such as multi table cash tournaments and satellite tournaments, where people from all around the world can look in on the action. The site offers poker players fantastic prizes, as well as some of the best known poker tournaments, such as the Aussie Millions and the World Series of Poker.

888Poker Tournament

This regular online poker tournament is run by the Poker Network and there are lots of regular tournaments, as well as various styles of games for players to choose from.

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Where to Play Online Poker

Poker is one of the mospartypoker-logot popular casino games in the world and most online casinos offer several different versions of poker for gamers to choose from. While many sites offer tournaments and games with huge jackpots to win, others provide a place for gamers to hone their skills before they go for gold. Here are some of the best online casinos for poker lovers to check out:

Replay Poker

As the name suggests, this online casino specializes in poker and one of the best things about it for new players is that it is free to sign up. Replay Poker offers gamers a large number of different types of poker games for them to choose from and all of the games here are free to play without the need for downloads. This means that it is very easy to get in on the action and gamers can practice playing poker until they have what it takes to start betting for real.

Full Tilt

This is another site that provides gamers with the chance to play different poker games for free. The Full Tilt site is very easy friendly and most of the poker games that are offered here have been created by leading companies and boast vibrant graphics.


Gamers who believe that they have the skills to really win big will want to make sure that they sign up to play with PokerStars. This online casino is frequented by some of the world’s best poker players and there are lots of exciting tournaments for players to join, as well as huge jackpots that are just waiting to be won.


This online casino provides poker players with special software that they can download to take part in very realistic games. There are huge stakes for PartyPoker players to win as well as a very enticing bonus for new players.

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Record Breaking Game Winners

Many online casino players dream about that magic moment when they will get the chance to strike it lucky, transforming their lives forever. Millions of people all around the world play various types of online casino games as well as the lottery in the hopes of getting rich. While this may seem like a pipe dream to some, there are plenty of people who have been lucky enough to turn this fantasy into a reality.

The Most Money Won with Online Bingo

Jackpotjoy offers some of the biggest online bingo prizes around and, in February of 2012, one woman from Nottingham was lucky enough to scoop it up. Gill from Nottingham had been a member of the Jackpotjoy site for less than a year when she entered the Bejeweled Bingo Room and her life changed forever. After purchasing a ticket for just 25 pence, she suddenly won the coveted jackpot, becoming an instant millionaire. Gill used her winnings to buy the house of her dreams and special gifts for her friends and family to mark this very lucky occasion.

The Most Money
Won in a Casino

Many people have won and lost entire fortunes simply by spending a little time playing games in casinos and it is easy to see why this is such a popular pastime with 3_Pokerso many people all around the world. In fact, many lovers of casinos wait years for that lucky brea
k that will change their lives, but the biggest sum ever paid out was actually scored by a novice casino player known as A.D. He scooped up a total of €3,841,871.46, by playing the Casino Rewards Mega Moolah Slot and Casino Rewards flew A.D and his girlfriend to Sydney so that they could receive their check in the luxurious Aria restaurant.

The Most Money Won on the National Lottery

The concept that it could be you was proven true to Chris and Colin Weir in 2011, when they won the jackpot prize of £161,653,000. The jackpot had been rolling over for fourteen weeks to reach this total and the couple was ecstatic.

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Texas Hold’em Vs. Omaha Poker

Texas Hold’poker3bandoem is the most popular version of poker and is offered by most online casinos. Omaha poker has become extremely popular in recent years and most people who enjoy playing poker online also have the option to play Omaha poker. Let’s take a look at the two versions of poker and see which one deserves the title of king of poker games.

The Similarity

Both types of poker games use a 52 card deck and players use five cards to try and get the best hand possible. The different hands that can win and the order of these winning hands is the same for both Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker and when it comes to betting players are given the option to call, raise or fold with every deal.

The Dealer

In Omaha poker the dealer does not actually play a hand alongside the other people that are involved in the game. In Omaha poker, this is usually represented by a button and, unlike Texas hold’em, the dealer simply deals the cards and gives players new cards when they need them.

The Pot

During Omaha poker the first and second player on the left of the dealer place a bet before the cards are dealt. This rule is added to make sure that these two players cannot fold straight away and have to play at least one round first, helping to make the game more exciting for the other players and giving them more to play for.

Fourth and Fifth Street

This variation is added to Omaha poker and is designed to help to make the game more exciting. The dealer places three cards face up on the table after the top card has been burned. After the betting has taken place for another round the dealer then performs this task once again in a move called fourth street, moving on to fifth street on the next round.

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The Rules of Omaha Poker

Texas Hold’em poker is the most popular version of poker that is offered by online casinos anshutterstock_43279360d is played by people all around the world. However, Omaha poker is another popular poker game that is also available for poker players to try. While most of the rules are similar to Texas Hold’em, there are a few twists that poker plays should become familiar with.

Shuffling, Blinds and Dealing

The dealer starts by shuffling the 52 card deck and then the first two players sat to the left of the dealer put money into the pot before the cards can be dealt. This action is called posting blinds and half of the minimum bet is posted by the first player before the second player posts the full minimum bet. Each player is then dealt four cards face down, which are called hole cards.

Beginning Betting

The third player sat to the left of the
dealer starts the round of betting, which continues until each player has chosen to call, raise or fold.

The Flop

The top card on the deck is discarded by the dealer, who then places the following three cards face up on the table. Each player then partakes in another round of betting.

Fourth Street and Fifth Street

This is another twist to the traditional poker game where the dealer burns a card and then places another card on the table face up. Another round of betting takes place and then the dealer and the players complete the same practices.

How to Win Omaha Poker

Each player tries to make the best hand possible using twp cards from their hand and three cards that have been placed face up on the table. This dramatically increases the odds of getting a good hand and the action in Omaha poker tends to be more fast paced and exciting than with Texas Hold’em.

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